Behind the Blend: Blood Orange™

Behind the Blend: Blood Orange™

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Blood Orange™ is an herbal tea blend made for people with periods by the herbalist in charge at Flyest. 

Flyest is a Hip-Hop inspired tea company with hand blended herbal teas made in small batches to ensure optimal flavor, potency of the herbs, and freshness. 

This is essential to our blending process. 

Blood Orange™ is a blend of Cramp Bark, Black Cohosh*, Rosehips, Blackberry Leaf, Clove, and Chicory Root. 

Below we highlight the benefits of the key ingredients in Blood Orange™.

Cramp Bark is added to the blend for its effectiveness in relieving, or helping to relieve, menstrual cramps as well as other muscle pains caused by spasm, like lower back or leg pain.

Black Cohosh relieve menstrual cramps and has been used by Indigenous peoples of the Americas for years. Recent studies show that the root may also help reduce stress, which is important when you're managing muscle pain.

Blackberry Leaf is full of antioxidants that give the herb its anti-inflammatory properties.

Check out our reviews of Blood Orange™ and make a purchase today. The blend pairs perfectly with Shmoney™, our orange flavored honey, and Side Piece™, our cinnamon flavored honey. Avoiding refined foods and refined sugars can be key to helping you manage your menstrual cramps. 

Other tips include: 1) avoiding dairy, meat, and caffeine (if these are triggers for you) in the days leading up to the start of your menstrual cycle, 2) drinking plenty of water - do your part to stay hydrated, and 3) getting some exercise - it can be a quick dance session, yoga, or even something more intense like strength training, if you're up to it.

*All of the herbs we use in our teas are sustainably sourced and the herbs, roots, and spices used in Blood Orange™ are no different. But Black Cohosh is not sustainably sourced all the time and sometimes it is taken from areas where the plant is endangered. We are confident that our supplier sustainably forages for Black Cohosh, but we still use very little in our blends and will be phasing the herb out of this blend entirely, if we are unable to find a way to contribute to the sustainable foraging of the herb. 

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Blood Orange™

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Blood Orange, is for anybody with a uterus who experiences menstrual cramps. You may feel menstrual cramps but your body is just making waves while it sorts things out. Don't blame the muscles, blame your nerves and pain receptors. Learn… Read More

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