Behind the Blend: Breathe™, Mullein Tea

Behind the Blend: Breathe™, Mullein Tea

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Breathe™ is an herbal tea blend made with mullein leaf to help support your upper respiratory system by the herbalist in charge at Flyest.

Flyest is a Hip-Hop inspired tea company with hand blended herbal teas made in small batches to ensure optimal flavor, potency of the herbs, and freshness. 

This is essential to our blending process. 

Breathe™ is a delightful blend of Mullein, Marshmallow Root, Ginger Root, Elder, and Stinging Nettle. 

Below we highlight the benefits of the ingredients in Breathe™.

Mullein is a plant that is just gorgeous to look at with its unique yellow flowers, but once it dries, it doesn't look as pretty, but it's very effective! The herb has a really good effect on the lungs and has been used as a remedy for cough and sore throat with herbalists (professional and home alike) seeing very good results. 

Marshmallow Root is nothing like the gelatinous candy that we enjoy today. Marshmallow Root, when in water, shows its soluble fiber called mucilage that soothes the throat. As a result, the herb is used as a remedy for colds, flu, shortness of breath, and sore throat.

Ginger Root is warming and aromatic, so we had to include it in this blend. 

Elder, we use the dried flower not the berries in this tea, has been used to treat infections though it is not as widely used as elderberries. It's still pretty effective to us!

Stinging Nettle is one of our founder's favorite herbs but what's most important is that the herb has historically been used to fight allergens due to its anti-histamine properties. 

Check out our reviews of Breath™ to get first hand accounts of the tea and how our customers have been using the tea.

The blend pairs perfectly with Crime™, our vanilla flavored honey, and you can change the flavor of the tea entirely with our peppermint honey, So Icy™, too.

*Please note that earlier photos of Breathe™ might include Red Clover and Yarrow, two herbs used to support the respiratory system. However, we do our absolute best to use as few herbs as possible in our herbal teas, so we sometimes remove herbs if they serve the same purpose as other herbs already in the tea. Eliminating those herbs just makes it easier for customers who use the blends to identify herbs that they prefer in their individual herbal tea journey.

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