Behind the Blend: Not Coffee™, with Dandelion, Chicory Roots

Behind the Blend: Not Coffee™, with Dandelion, Chicory Roots

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At Flyest, we make two chicory root herbal tea substitutes for coffee called Not Coffee™ that come in three variants to help you make the switch from coffee to tea. 

Flyest is a Hip-Hop inspired tea company with hand blended herbal teas made in small batches to ensure optimal flavor, potency of the herbs, and freshness. This is essential to our blending process. It's why everyone loves our teas. We just had to brag a little. 

Way back in the day, before refined sugar, when people wanted a boost of energy, they'd reach for a sugary...root. Yup. Something like chicory root or dandelion root to help them power through a busy day doing whatever people did back when we didn't have grocery and convenience stores. Reaching back to that memory of human diet, we created Not Coffee™, a tea full of roasted roots, to help you make that switch from coffee to herbal tea and make it as seamless as possible.

Not Coffee™ comes in three variants:

  1. Not Coffee™ - A blend of roasted dandelion root (strong taste)
  2. Not Coffee™ Vol. 2 - A blend of roasted chicory root, carob, licorice root, allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla (medium taste)
  3. Not Coffee™ Vol. 3 - A blend of roasted chicory root (light taste)

Below we highlight the benefits of dandelion and chicory roots, the main ingredients in our Not Coffee™ blends. 

Chicory Root is anti-fungal, anti-viral and antibacterial. But the plant has been used primarily to help the liver function. The plant is full of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fiber that our bodies really need. Chicory root has lots of prebiotic fiber, which helps you need for good gut health. Remember, good gut health leads to good brain health. Prebiotics stimulate the growth of good gut bacteria, while decreasing bad bacteria in the intestines. Plus they help you relieve constipation and help limit skin inflammation.  

Give up that coffee addiction and make the switch to herbal tea. We know it can be difficult to switch from the acidity of coffee, that's one of the reasons why you like it, to a more mellow herbal tea blend, like the ones we offer. That's why we have Not Coffee™, it mimics that acidity of coffee without the caffeine, without the crash, but with a bunch of medicinal benefits, too! Plus you can use Not Coffee™ the same way you'd use coffee, add syrups, add creamer - make it your own. And drink tea like an adult.® 

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