Behind the Blend: Relaxing Chamomile Tea Sister Sister™

Behind the Blend: Relaxing Chamomile Tea Sister Sister™

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Sister Sister™ is a chamomile-rose herbal tea made to help relax the body by the herbalist in charge at Ivy's Tea Co. 

Ivy's Tea Co. is a Hip-Hop inspired herbal tea company with hand blended herbal teas made in small batches to ensure optimal flavor, potency of the herbs, and freshness. 

This is essential to our blending process - it's part of why our customers love our blends.

Sister Sister™ is a blend of Chamomile, Spearmint, Rose petals, Lavender, and Cinnamon. The ingredients in the tea work together to relax the body, but also keep the mind alert. The blend is designed to help you get in control of your emotions and then get clear headed to respond to a stressful situation in a way that best serves you as well as the situation. 

Fun Fact: Sister Sister™ is a traditional mint tea because all of the herbs the blend come from the mint family with the exception of rose and cinnamon. 

Below we highlight the benefits of the primary ingredients in Sister Sister™. 

Chamomile is a popular nervine relaxant, that means it has chemicals that are known to relax the nervous system. This is why it's a popular bedtime remedy.

Spearmint is refreshing and cooling, but we really include it to round out the flavor of the tea, curb the bitterness of the Chamomile (if the tea is over-brewed or steeped for too long), and it helps keep you invigorated.

Rose and Cinnamon are used for flavor and aromatics.

Lavender, like Chamomile, is a nervine relaxant.

The benefits of chamomile and lavender are very important for this relaxing herbal tea blend, however, the aromatics are important for a slightly energizing affect and enjoyable cup of tea every time.

The blend is very good on its own, however, you can play up certain flavors of the tea by adding our honeys.

  • To play up the relaxing affect of the tea, you can sweeten it with Views™, our lavender honey
  • For more of a warming, savory cup of tea, we recommend our cinnamon flavored honey Side Piece™ 
  • For a more cooling cup of tea, we recommend sweetening the blend with So Icy™, our peppermint honey 

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Sister Sister™

Sister Sister™

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Sister Sister is one of our favorite tea blends. It is a blend of relaxing mints, rose petals, and cinnamon that helps you overcome your baby daddy, your mom, your begging cousin, scammers callin ya cell phone, your irritating boss, STRESS.… Read More

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Side Piece™

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