Behind the Blend: Elderberry-Ginger Herbal Tea, What the Flu?™

Behind the Blend: Elderberry-Ginger Herbal Tea, What the Flu?™

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What the Flu?™ is an immune supporting elderberry-ginger herbal tea made by the herbalist in charge at Ivy's Tea Co. 

Ivy's Tea Co. is a Hip-Hop inspired herbal tea company with hand blended herbal teas made in small batches to ensure optimal flavor, potency of the herbs, and freshness. 

This is essential to our blending process - it's part of why our customers love our blends.

What the Flu?™ is a blend of Elderberries, Astragalus Root, Ginger Root, Cardamom Seeds, Cinnamon, and Turmeric.

The ingredients in the tea work together to support the immune system. Studies show that elderberries can help "boost" the immune system to help prevent cold and flu. But it's also an effective treatment against flu with some research showing that it can shorten the flu by as many as 3 days.

Below we highlight the benefits of the primary ingredients in Sister Sister™. 

Elderberries have been shown to fight flu and shorten the "life" of the flu by as many as 3 days.

Astragalus root is an age old immune support remedy that is not very popular in the US.

Ginger root is warming and limited research shows that the herb (rhizome technically) may kill flu. 

Turmeric is probably more well-known as a home remedy for arthritis, but the spice also has some historic use for immune support and cognitive function, which is so important when you're trying to get better after dealing with cold, flu or any of the related symptoms. 

The blend is warming and spicy on its own. We enjoy drinking it without any sweetener, but if you want the antibacterial and antiviral benefits of a raw, organic honey to pair with the tea, we recommend Side Piece™, our cinnamon flavored honey, or The Blueprint™  

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What The Flu?™

What The Flu?™

$ 20.99

Studies show that elderberries are a great herbal medicine for fighting cold and flu. Our elderberry-ginger tea is warming, purple, and the perfect cup of tea for the end of the day. Want to make it stretch? Use the tea… Read More

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Side Piece™

Side Piece™

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Side Piece™ is a cinnamon infused honey. This sweet, spicy and savory honey is delicious in teas, over sweet potatoes or bae, if you're into that kinda thing.  Taste: Spicy and savory Ingredients: Raw organic wildflower honey and cinnamon Pairs Well With: Sweet potatoes Sister… Read More

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