Discontinued Teas and Honeys

A lot of our products are available for a short time only. We also have other products that were in stock but are no longer available. Here we share a list of the discontinued products and we link to alternatives that are currently in stock.

#TRAPTEA Frosted Mug

24K - Replaced by Yella

Bleuz Control - Replaced by Breathe

Fresh - C.R.E.A.M. infused peppermint soap collab with Abiyah Naturals

Hot Girl - Strawberry green tea

Hypnotize - Rooibos tea

King Me - Senna tea

Mo C.R.E.A.M. - Dupe: C.R.E.A.M.

Morning Rituals Gift Box

Pull Up

Pusha Tea

Queen Bee

Sister Sister 2 - Replaced by Blood Orange

The Plug

VIRGO - Dupe: Grown

YPE - Replaced by Breathe


Available occasionally only to members of our SECRET TEA CLUB. Specialty teas and honeys are available to those who join our secret tea club. You never know what the tea offer will be, but there's a possibility that one of these popular blends will be available. These products are never available on our website. Join the secret tea club for the opportunity to buy these teas, special teas, limited release honeys and more.

$100 Bill - smoked black tea 

45 - peach and peppermint white tea

Blue Faces - blueberry green tea

Energyyy - rosehips and lemongrass tea

Green Bae - green citrus tea

Hot Boy - matcha honey

OG Chai - cardamom ginger chai tea

Red Bone - spicy cranberry hibiscus tea

Reset - hibiscus tea

Rise and Grind - coconut and vanilla black tea

Stunt - turmeric honey

The Come Up - cinnamon and orange honey